Your Neighbors Recommend...June 2022

Ever been curious what your neighbors are reading or watching? Here are just some of their suggestions! As we receive more recommendations, we'll post them here on the AFL Blog.

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Northern Spy

by Flynn Berry

"Really entertaining book about the conflict in Ireland, specifically about two sisters in Northern Ireland. Secrets, lies, loyalty…this book is a definite page-turner."

The Girl in His Shadow

by Audrey Blake

"My first book by this author. Great story about a young girl whose family all die from the fever. The doctor takes her in and trains her as his medical assistant. Something illegal in those days. Read to see what happens."

Our Woman in Moscow

by Beatriz Williams

"Beatriz Williams' books are always a treat—a mix of great characters, engaging plot, and historical settings and facts. This one is set during the 1940s and early 1950s with American, British, and Soviet characters; agents and spies. It's also the story of twin sisters who were once close, then didn't speak for years. Things are not what they seem and I won't spoil it by saying more, but this is a great, engaging read. Highly recommend!"

The Home for Unwanted Girls

by Joanna Goodman

"This is a cross between Philomena and Orphan Train. It’s based on true events that happened to orphans in 1950’s Quebec. They were deemed insane and sent to mental institutions. This is the story of a 15 year old whose parents took her baby and she was sent to an orphanage. The mother never gave up looking for her. Powerful story."

The Passing Playbook

by Isaac Fitzsimons

"I love sports fiction because there's a built in support system. Yes, sometimes you have to earn that support but they have to earn yours too. That's clear to see in this book. I am so happy that there's more transgender representation in YA books now! I'm also extremely happy that the focus of the book was not about Spencer's transition but instead was about him trusting his team with this knowledge and fighting for his right to play with them."

Palisades Park

by Alan Brennert

"An entertaining saga about the Palisades Park amusement complex, but with one family at the heart of it. It spans several generations and locations (Hawaii, Florida, etc) and if you have any interest in the park, amusement parks in general, high diving, or behind-the-scenes glimpses of carnival life, or even just a good family story, you'll enjoy this book."

The Invisible Husband of Frick Island

by Colleen Oakley

"This was a bit quirky but enjoyable. Great characters living on a very small remote island. Very protective of each other."


by Elizabeth Lim

"From the 'A Twisted Tale' series, this is a retelling of Mulan. In an effort to save her elderly father from the peril of war, she disguises herself as a boy and takes his place in the army (as in the movie). In the book, she travels to the underworld in an attempt to save the captain of her regiment, so suffered an injury saving her. She has several challenges ahead in her effort to save both her captain and herself from an eternity in the Underworld. Pretty entertaining, quick read."

  The King's Men

by Nora Sakavic

"A good sports read. The main team members have very traumatic lives. The Main Character's love interest is /interesting/ and everything just seemed too unrealistic to me. To be fair, I am not a member of a gang or mafia and my life has been nice . . . so maybe I'm just biased towards nonviolence & being drug/alcohol free. The excessive drama pulls the focus away from the sport (Ex: some sort of indoor extra aggressive lacrosse?). However, it was still a very enjoyable read and I did end up talking to the characters like they could hear me."

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