Your Neighbors Recommend...April 2022

Ever been curious what your neighbors are reading or watching? Here are just some of their suggestions! As we receive more recommendations, we'll post them here on the AFL Blog.

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Summer and the City

by Candace Bushnell

"This is the story of how Carrie Bradshaw, of the Sex in the City book/TV show, first came to New York. A 17 year-old high school graduate is in NYC for the summer to take a writing seminar before starting her freshman year of college. I found her adventures to be much more 'adult' than what a teenager should be doing, but it’s fiction and she had fun, so whatever! Lol."

Hollywood Park: A Memoir

by Mikel Jollett

"This is a memoir of being born into a cult (Synanon), of emotional abuse, loss, depression, drugs, alcohol, prison, feeling lost—but also hope, perseverance, love, resilience, and strength. Of finding a place for yourself even when you feel weird, or different; of turning your pain into art, 'making it useful.' If you're a fan of The Airborne Toxic Event, you'll appreciate the insight to its lead singer. But you don't need to be a fan of the band to appreciate the book. Inspiring."

Sooley: A Novel

by John Grisham

"This is not his usual legal thriller. If you’re not a basketball fan, you may need to skim the descriptions of the games. It’s the story of a young, tall African basketball player. You’ll definitely be rooting for Samuel Sooleyman in this novel."

Book Scavenger

by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

"A super fun read with a cool concept! Geocaching for books! Amazing! The development of the main character was great too! A young girl whose family moves so much she has a hard time making friends. Learning to become a great friend in her new town was great! A good read for middle school aged and up!"

The Midnight Library

by Matt Haig

"This book was heartbreakingly beautiful, impossible to put down! I read the entire thing in one sitting while traveling back home from New York. I will say, the ending was a bit cheesy (I would rate the book 4.5 stars because of this if I could!) but overall it was a great read about how the choices we make (no matter how small) make a huge impact on ourselves and the people around us. Matt Haig's concept of the world we live in between life and death is extraordinary. The Midnight Library is cemented on the list of my all-time favorite reads."

That Summer

by Jennifer Weiner

"This was not Jennifer Weiner’s typical summer beach read. That Summer is about a sexual assault that a woman decided to do something about decades after it occurred, when the 'Me Too' movement started. It’s a serious and very good book about the topic of sexual assault and how it impacts a victim’s life."

How to Be a Family

by Dan Kois

"A really interesting book about a year a family spent living in four different places (New Zealand, The Netherlands, Costa Rica, and Kansas). The author (the dad) wanted to see how they'd function, as a family, in different places; how family norms were different from place to place, and if they could de-emphasize the things they didn't like about their live in Arlington, Virginia (competitiveness, busyness of life with kids' activities, screen time) and find a better way to be a family together. There were good and bad things about each place they lived, and they ultimately returned to Arlington. Some things changed, some stayed the same, but since the idea of living somewhere else it interesting and appealing to me, I found the book very interesting. Now...where can I move?!?!"

Sunflower Sisters: A Novel

by Martha Hall Kelly

"This is the third book in the Lilac Girls series. It takes place during the Civil War era. It’s about a Union nurse, enslaved young girl, and an evil plantation owner who turned to spying. It’s an excellent read. Highly recommend."

In Other Lands

by Sarah Rees Brennan

"A very entertaining read. I loved that the book followed the main three characters for their entire training at the Border Camp. I also loved just how much each character grew every year!"

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