Setting Up for Remote Learning

Whatever model of schooling you’ve chosen for this academic year, your student will be spending at least some time learning from home. While it doesn’t sound exactly like “fun,” there are some things you can do together to prepare your space for this to happen.

  • Outline a daily schedule. It’s easier to face the day when your child knows when they might be able to get up and move or when to expect a break for lunch, and planning something to look forward to “after school” can help push through those slow afternoon hours. You can “schedule” free time outside, a family walk or bike ride, reading (just for fun!), or working on a puzzle – try something different for each day of the week for a little variety!
  • Everyone’s homes are different, and there’s not always a desk for every learner… but try to find a space that is set aside exclusively for online learning. Wherever it is, try to keep it free of other clutter, and make sure it’s well supplied with whatever at-home school supplies they need.
  • Have your student pick out a new school supply – instead of glue sticks and markers this year, maybe you can splurge on a colorful new mouse or headphones for the computer! If they’re excited about their purchase, they may be more excited when it comes time to use it.
  • Consider letting your child use an alternative seating arrangement (yoga ball, anyone?) or small (and quiet!) fidget toy on their desk for those times they’ve been sitting just a little too long!

You can also check out these recommendations from Common Sense Media, or this article about supporting learners with ADHD from Parents Magazine.

Still need more? On Monday, September 14 we will be hosting a workshop with Dr. David Murphy with tips for increasing your student’s learning potential, decreasing distractions, and improving your child’s independence while learning from home. There will even be time for Q&A at the end of the session.

To participate in the workshop, please register in advance with this Zoom link:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.



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