Program Updates: Collecting Beads for your Summer Reading Necklace

We are moving right along with our summer reading program, and a lot of you have been busy, busy readers! However, not many people have collected any beads yet, so we wanted to share a brief instruction on using the Prize Store.

 Under your child’s account in ReadSquared, go to the Prize Store tab (in the app, the icon looks like a shopping cart). You’ll see the number of points you have available to you, and can choose any beads you have enough points for. Repeat this for each child.

Tip: choose higher value beads first!

 If you have not selected your necklace and tag, now is the time to do that too! Those are free (0 points), so just add them to your cart.

 After you’ve selected your beads, email us at to let us know that you have made an order. If you have selected a tag for your necklace, be sure to let us know which tag you prefer! Once we see that email, we’ll gather your beads and contact you to set up a time to pick them up.

 You can redeem your points for beads at any time, and you can do it multiple times (it’s pretty convenient if you pair your bead pickup with a trip to the library for books on hold).

Email or call the library at 508-238-2000 if you have further questions about ReadSquared, collecting your beads, or even just want some help finding something good to read.

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