Libraries Rock! AFL Teen Summer Library Program

Ames Free Library

Summer Library Program 2018

Non-instant winning tickets qualify for
2nd chance drawing on
Thursday, August 23rd 5:30 PM





What did you receive scratch ticket for?

Book(s) Program Review

Which one?___________________________

Good Luck!!!

How the Scratch Ticket Program Works:

Teens between the ages of 13 and 18 can earn library scratch tickets by:
- Checking out books
- Attending programs

- Writing book reviews

- Prizes are limited, so one ticket PER day, regardless of how many books you check out, you’ll just have to come back to the library for more library scratch tickets!
- You MUST completely fill out the scratch ticket in order to claim your prize

Prizes include:

- Gift cards

- Dinosaur taco holder (that's right!)

- FREE ice cream cone from Hilliard’s Chocolates

- Signed Marvel Graphic Novel

And much, much more!!!

For a schedule of all programs, click on our calendar of events here, OR sign up for the Teen Newsletter here.

Want to see what the summer reading requirements are? Click here.

Below is a list of the prizes that you can earn, including what grand prizes are offered, and when:

Weekly Prizes

1 SM FREE Slushie

Zombie OR Superhero Rubber Duckie

Cell Phone Case Wallet

1 FREE Ice Cream Cone

Grand Prizes

WEEK GRAND PRIZE June 25 - June 30
Dinosaur Taco Holder July 2 - July 7
$10 Target Gift Card July 9 - July 14
SIGNED Marvel Graphic Novel -
Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey July 16 - July 21

$10 Amazon Gift Card July 23 - July 28

1 Free Admission Tree Top Adventures July 30 - Aug 4
$10 Target Gift Card Aug 6 - Aug 11
Vintage Vinyl Record Coasters Aug 13 - Aug 18

$10 Amazon Gift Card Aug 20 - Aug 23
$20 Beanery on Washington Gift Card



(Tickets that are not instant winners
will be put into the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING)

4 Movie Passes to any Showcase Cinemas

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