July Artist on Display

Gene Jacobs D.O.


July 2024

Gene Jacobs on the wall

Artist Gene Jacobs writes:

I was a founding member of the Easton Art Gallery; I have done many workshops/showings in local libraries, camps, offices, and more.

In July, I will be celebrating with you Christmas in July, The Elf on the Shelf exhibit. This series started initially as a guerrilla art prank at work after commandeering my boss’ Elf on the Shelf and dressing it up for a fun art display. But it rapidly evolved into a guerrilla art challenge. The rules being: a new costume every day thru Christmas, and all materials had to be found at work. Thus I scoured offices, cabinets, storage, the pharmacy, to put together fun and creative costumes and scenarios for Mr. Elf. This foray off the shelf and around the world in costume and scenario was a fun and interesting challenge for both the elf and I. Mr. Elf, in the process, got to visit some of his friends like Santa, Hannukah Harry.

In August I will take you and my friends’ dinosaurs on a hike through various beautiful and interesting forested locations. All photos are perspective only. No photoshop or other manipulation.

All canvases are for sale for $20.00. Please call me at 781-254-6179 if you would like one.


Youth Services in display case

Youth Services will be displaying stuffies that are up for adoption! To enter the raffle, kids can join the summer reading program. Kids ages 0 to 12 will record their reading to earn points, which you can exchange for beads on your necklace or raffle options for these adorable beasties!