Join the Hunt!

I spy with my little eye…something totally fun!

Did you know that the Children’s Room now offers themed Scavenger Hunts? You can find them in-room during the last week of every month. Decode a riddle by hunting for images posted around the room. If you need a helpful hint, ask the librarian for a clue! When you solve the puzzle, turn in your sheet for a small prize.

So far, we’ve asked:


Find 11 hidden scarecrows.
Q: What is a scarecrow’s favorite fruit?
A: A straw-berry!


Find 10 hidden witches.
Q: What do you get when you mix a witch with a blizzard?
A: A cold spell!


Find 8 tasty foods.
Q: What smells the best on Thanksgiving?
A: Your nose!


The next time you’re visiting us at the end of the month to pick out new books or attend a fun event, remember to join the hunt! What will you uncover in December?


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