A Glimpse of Nature – This Week at the AFL: Daylilies

Daylilies are splashy, easy-to-recognize flowers.  We might take them for granted simply because they are so familiar.  This week, I encourage you to look closely at the entire plant and find a different species with similar features.  Here are a few characteristics to notice:

–leaves with parallel veins

–long, narrow leaves

–flower parts in threes (or multiples of three)

–perhaps the presence of runners, rhizomes, or bulbs

Your plant may be native or non-native.  It can live in any habitat including your home!  Send your photos to lrubinacci@amesfreelibrary, and I will use them in next week’s post.  Check back on Friday, July 14 for info about daylilies and other monocots.

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