Featured Author: Todd Parr

This month, our spotlight is on picture book author Todd Parr! Todd’s books are very simple and in many ways each book is alike – but all are completely irresistible! Todd uses bright two-dimensional illustrations to spread positive messages on a variety of topics. His books are silly but relatable, with many global- or community-minded topics like The Kindness Book, The Family Book, and Be Who You Are.

Todd’s books often provide reassurance to kids. In It’s OK to Make Mistakes, he writes “It’s okay if you spill your milk… you can always clean it up.” They are also laugh-out-loud funny, like The Underwear Book: “DO put away your clean underwear… but DON’T put it in the freezer!”

One of Todd’s most recent books is called The Don’t Worry Book. This is a reminder that many kids really need right now, so it’s available both in print at the library and on our Overdrive/Libby platform.

Find out more about Todd, his dogs, and his silly books at his website.

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