Featured Author: Kate Klise

Our first featured author spotlight is on Kate Klise, AFL favorite and frequent visitor! Each summer, Ms. Klise visits Easton and stays in the library’s own Queset House. She offers writing workshops for all ages, and sometimes might even get a little of her own writing done during her stay!

Ms. Klise writes for a wide variety of audiences, so if you haven’t experienced her books yet, there are so many choices for you to check out! She has written over 30 books for children, many of which are lighthearted and humerous. One of her recent picture books, Stay, was inspired by an Easton resident and his beloved dog, while her brand new book, Don’t Check Out This Book!  (published in March 2020) is dedicated, in part, to the Ames Free Library.

Most of Ms. Klise’s books are illustrated by her sister, Sarah Klise. They started writing books together as children. Learn more about them at http://www.kateandsarahklise.com/!

You can find all of Kate Klise’s books in our children’s room across all sections (juvenile fiction, chapter books, picture books, and non-fiction!) – although for now you’ll have to check our the ebook editions! Click here to find information on accessing ebooks.

Stay  Kate Klise Do NOT Open this Book!

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