Family Fun: Tell a Story with Charades

We’ve been all about telling stories this summer – try “storytelling” with your family without words! Acting out charades is a fun way to communicate using your movement and motions. You probably know that charades is acting without speaking, but this website gives a clear outline of the rules and some tips for giving clues.

Although charades are usually done with movie, book, or song titles, you can also act out common phrases or set up your own framework... maybe everyone has to act out a favorite storybook character. Do you think you can tell the story of Pete the Cat by miming his white shoes or four groovy buttons? What about Little Quack, who is the littlest of 5 little ducklings?

This can be a great activity with all ages, so get the whole family involved! Charades can even be done on Zoom or across a backyard for some socially distanced fun.

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