Family Fun: Spring Thumbprint Craft

Spring is here! Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresher air and fleeting moments of sunlight… and notice the little bugs that have come out of hiding! We can’t bring you a Take & Make kit, but we can suggest this fun buggy craft that the whole family can get in on!

Use an inkpad and blank piece of paper to make thumbprints (you can use paint, or even markers, but it will be a litle messier!), then add eyes, antennae, and legs with a thin marker to make different kinds of bugs! Learn the basics of thumbprint art from the master, Ed Emberley, or check out these adorable bug-themed thumbprint designs here and here! Make it a family project with grownup and kid thumbprints to make big and small bugs!

While you’re on the subject, why not read up a bit on bugs? These preschool level non-fiction ebooks are available at our Remote Learning Resources for kids page. Search for the Creepy Crawlies series at Amicus Publishing, or find the Biggest, Baddest Book of Bugs in the Abdo Digital Bookshelf PreK (click on the green code) books.

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