Family Fun: Meals in a Mug

Did you miss our mug cake program this week? Did you participate, and want to make more?

Mug cakes are so easy, kids can make them… but they’re also fun to do together! They’re quick to mix up, quick to cook, and quick to eat. All you need is a microwavable mug (or small bowl) plus a few basic baking ingredients (and a microwave, of course!).

We offered up three cake recipes this week, but there are so many other options! Pizza? Quiche? Lasagna? Check, check, and check! Just Google “mug meals” and you’ll come up with a lot of recipes like these.

Mug meals make perfect snack-sized portions, or your kid can help themselves on those nights when everyone’s got too many places to be for a sit-down dinner. Make a few together this weekend, and you’ll all feel confident that your child can be more independent in the kitchen!


The cake recipes used in this week’s program can be found here.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Chocolate Cake

Vanilla Cake

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