Family Fun: Imagine Your... Escape Room?

Looking for a different kind of family activity? Check out our virtual quizzes and escape rooms based on our summer Imagine Your Story theme! 

Every other Monday, there will be a new quiz focused on some imaginative theme, and the following week there will be a virtual escape room to explore based on the same subject. Throughout the summer, you’ll explore space, gain superpowers, conjure up some magic, commandeer a pirate ship, and tame mythical creatures. 

These escape rooms and quizzes are just for fun. Quizzes are multiple choice, while in the escape rooms you’ll read part of a story, then solve a puzzle to move on to the next part of the adventure. If you get answers wrong, you will get a clue to help you along. These activities are designed for children ages 8-12, but everyone’s welcome to try! It’s a fun way to spend some family time together.

Try the Space Quiz now, and look for the Space Escape Room on Monday, June 29. Check out our list of summer family events for more information or to access the activities.

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