Family Fun: HORSE

Some public athletic facilities are open for limited play – how about mixing up your routine a little with some basketball? It’s OK if you think you’re the worst b-ball players ever (sorry, but my household actually wins that title!) – you’ll get some sunshine, a little physical activity, and most likely, some giggles. Our favorite game is HORSE.

Here’s a quick refresher on how to play.  Basically, you take turns shooting the basketball. If the person ahead of you makes a shot, you need to make the same kind of shot from the same place (for example, a layup or a free throw). If you make it, the next person needs to do the same (until you get back to the original shooter). If you miss it, you get a letter from whatever word you’re spelling. When you’ve collected all the letters in your word, you’re out. 

How’s this for sneaky learning – use a vocabulary or spelling word that your kids are learning… or the word BOOKS! You can even use a different word for each player, although it’s fair if they all have the same number of letters. (If you have a ringer in the family, though, maybe that person should play for a very short word!) Sight words for beginning readers are great for a quick round of HORSE.

Words my family has used in the past few months: horse, ghost, turkey, Santa (are you seeing a pattern yet???), and Harry (Potter, of course!). The last time we played, it was “dinner.” Make it fun, make it personal, make it silly… no, really, play the word “SILLY!”

Just remember while you’re out to continue practicing social distancing, and show courtesy for other families using the space.

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