Family Fun: Backyard Games

Spring has been teasing us for quite some time now, but one of these days it will stick! It’s on us to create entertainment for our kids these days, so how about taking your family outside for some good old-fashioned backyard fun? These games may not look like traditional “literacy,” but chances are there are at least directions to follow, some fun conversation, and score-keeping going on (all of which… shhh... support literacy skills!).

Maybe you have some backyard game sets you can dig out of the garage; cornhole (beanbag toss) is by far the most popular game of late, but what about bocce, ring toss, croquet, or even just hula hooping? You could keep it simple with an obstacle course, or use sidewalk chalk and a small rock to make a hopscotch board.

If you don’t have these games at home, check out these ideas for homemade backyard fun. Some require specific supplies, but many are as simple as pool noodles, water balloons, or plain old rocks. Scroll way down to find a really cool looking glow-stick ring toss idea!

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