Early Literacy Activities

Throughout the summer, we have discussed different areas of building early literacy knowledge for babies and toddlers, and we shared ideas of how you can do that.

 Early Literacy activities consist of anything that can prepare a child to learn how to read; talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing all include activities that will set your little one up for future reading success. However, these activities also can be associated with overall wellbeing. One of the most important factors in these activities is the bonding that a caregiver does with a child while participating in them. When a child feels loved and secure, his brain can focus on learning new information (actively or passively), regardless of his age.

 We are wrapping up this series with this post, but you can always check back on any Early Literacy Activities post on this blog to review activities you can do with your child throughout their baby, toddler, and preschool years.

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