Pick Your Poison Book Club

A multi-colored apothecary shelf glows menacingly.


You're innocently going about your day when suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see something thrilling. It’s a witch! She’s holding something out to you. Is that a poisoned apple in her hand? Nope! It’s a flyer for the Ames Free Library’s NEW choose your own adventure-style book club. She croaks out, “Pick Your Poison Book Club is for kids in grades 3-5.” Hey, that’s you!

Should you:

A) Excitedly tell your grown-up?

B) Make sure they mark the date in their calendar?

C) Steal the witch’s broom and soar off into the night, shouting  your joy to the moon and stars?

The choice is yours and yours alone. YOU have the power. We definitely recommend A & B. C is your own, private business. We do advise caution, however. We know you’re excited…but remember: witches have the ability to curse.

No reading is required before the meeting date. We’ll take turns reading aloud and work together to make choices. All you need is a book (provided for you) and a voice!

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Queset House, 1st Floor Presentation Commons