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Our service hours are Monday - Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Email us at or call 508-238-2000

Our phones are very busy! If you are having trouble reaching us via phone, send us an email or use the chat box on the left.


Appointment-based window pickups of reserved material and external book drop

Reservation-based, 45-minute computer, printer, and scanner use

Online programs, plus eBooks, audiobooks, and databases for all ages

Returns: Book drop (located near handicapped parking spaces) is now open for all returns - returned items will be quarantined for several days prior to check-in. Fines for materials due 3/1/2020 - 7/31/2020 are waived.

Watching Movies

Unscheduled Patron Film Viewing Policy, for 1st Floor Presentation Commons & 2nd Floor Conference Room of the Queset House

The 1st Floor Presentation Commons and the 2nd Floor Conference Room are both equipped with the following equipment capable of playing video or allowing another device to display a video:

  • DVD/Blu-ray player
  • AppleTV & Apple screen mirroring
  • VGA and HDMI connections

The Queset House Manager on duty will set up the the equipment in the 1st Floor Presentation Commons or the 2nd Floor Conference Room allowing a patron to watch a film that they provide, as long as the following criteria are met:

  • Either the 1st Floor Presentation Commons or the 2nd Floor Conference Room are not reserved for a library program or a private event.
  • The running length of the film will not interfere with an upcoming library program or private event scheduled for the room.
  • The Queset House Manager on duty is free and available to set up the necessary equipment to play the film; and is not assisting other patrons, conducting a workshop, setting up for a program or event, or other duties.
  • The audiovisual equipment in either room is only to be used by the Queset House Manager. Patron use of the television, projector, Blu-ray player, or any other equipment is not allowed, and if used, will result in a loss of access to Queset House resources.
  • Since Queset House rooms are available for anyone while not reserved for a library program or private event, the film must be appropriate for anyone using the room or who may use the room while the film is playing: MPAA rating of G, PG, PG-13, or equivalent. Watching a film in either the 1st Floor Presentation Commons or the 2nd Floor Conference Room does not grant the viewer(s) exclusive use of the room.
  • Sound levels must not disrupt other patrons utilizing Queset House. The appropriate volume level is up to the judgment of the Queset House Manager on duty. 
  • Food and drink are allowed in both rooms. All trash, utensils, and leftover food must be carried out. Rooms must be left clean.
  • Any tables or chairs moved must be moved back to where they were originally found.
  • When finished viewing the film, please inform the Queset House Manager on duty who will then shut down the equipment used.

Queset House rooms can be rented for private use for a small fee. For more information, and to request a room, please see