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Virtual Meeting Space Request Form

Please use the provided form to request use of the Ames Free Library's Zoom Pro account

Prior to submitting a request please read our Community Zoom Use Policies, found below. 

  • The Ames Free Library Zoom Pro account can be used by community groups (either formal or not) and other organizations when not in use by the library.
  • In the case of conflicting requests, priority is given to: the library, its Board, and other related organizations; Government agencies, either local, state, or federal; Non-profit organizations; all others.
  • Virtual meeting time is intended for specific events rather than regularly scheduled meetings (e.g., monthly). However, we welcome inquiries and may accommodate such meetings if time is available with an advance reservation of no more than 30 days.
  • A maximum of 4 reservations can be made per individual/organization per month.
  • If making multiple requests, each request will be considered independently.
  • Meeting times must be within the Ames Free Library's open hours.
  • A representative of the Ames Free Library will start the meeting at the agreed upon time and then make the pre-listed person(s) host before leaving the meeting. If the pre-listed person(s) do not join the meeting within 15 minutes of start time to assume host duties, the meeting will be cancelled by the library representative.
  • A submited reqest form constitutes an agreement to abide by all Ames Free Library Community Zoom Use policies and the Ames Free Library's Internet Use policy.
  • Failure to follow any of the Community Zoom Use or Internet Use policies will be considered grounds to deny any future virtual meeting room use request.
  • The Ames Free Library, its Board of Directors, and any agent of the Library may cancel a meeting at any time if any Community Zoom Use or Internet Use policies are violated by a host or any member of their meeting.
  • The Ames Free Library allows its Zoom Pro account to be available on equal terms to all persons and groups, regardless of opinion or affiliation. By allowing an outside group use of the Ames Free Library's Zoom Pro available as a forum, the library does not sponsor or endorse the views of any group.
  • In allowing a group to use the Ames Free Library's Zoom Pro account, the Board and library staff does not imply any endorsement of the group’s beliefs, policy, or program. No group shall, in any of its publicity, state or suggest that Ames Free Library, the Board, the Board members individually, the Town, or the library staff sponsors or endorses in any way the meeting, the group, or any particular set of ideas. Advertising materials may include a note acknowledging the Ames Free Library, but may not list the library’s phone number or email address for information.

Submitting a request does not guarantee use of the Ames Free Library's Zoom Pro account; approval will be based upon availabile time and other considerations that will be discussed with you by a library representative.

Zoom Pro allows a maximum of 100 meeting attendees.
Recording will be sent to the listed email address and then deleted from the account within the following 24 hours.
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