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Recording History in the Age of Pandemic

"The library is closed for three weeks; due dates are pushed forward; payment of fines are excused and all books will be fumigated on return."
Sound familiar? Well actually, it dates back to January 3, 1919! It is part of the Annual Minutes of a Hopkinton Public Library Meeting during the 1918-1920 flu pandemic. 
The real time observations of Easton residents facing the Covid-19  challenge will be a valuable record of daily life in Easton during an unprecedented time. It allows us to see how we coped as a community. It serves as a guide to our descendants. And, unlike our predecessors, we now have the technology to digitally record the hundred different ways we grappled with the unfamiliar and the scary.
So take a few minutes each day to record your activities or thoughts or fears or moments of hope or whatever it is you want recorded.
Submitted entries will be collected and curated by the Ames Free Library and Easton Historical Society. The Ames Free Library thanks the Framingham History Center for providing the inspiration for this project.
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