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Artists on Display: November 2022

November's Artists on Display at the AFL:

On the Wall: Watercolors and Pastels, Jane Ostlund

Having tried many art mediums, the one which caught my passion is watercolor with a secondary interest in pastels. I enjoy traveling the coast of New England searching for lighthouses. Watching kids at play also inspires me to pick up my brushes. How shadows play on buildings in the morning and evening light is fascinating. Looking at the world through a painter's eye is a joy!

Please be sure to check out her work on the wall and in and about the Ames Free Library.


In the Glass Case: Maker of Baskets and Chairs, Mary Lu Love

I discovered my artistic skills thanks to my grandsons. I started by making Easter baskets; actually, I ended up making four, as I wanted to improve the results. I loved the mathematics  of calculating the needed materials and the repetition of weaving. Moving on from round reed to flat weave, dying the reed and mixing the colors, adding beads, cork and ribbon! Possibilities are endless.

Next, I decided to tackle chairs, both wicker and woven. Baskets became my 'go to' gift, from cornucopias to Santa for the holidays. As I made more baskets, I branched out making a stair step basket, and baskets fitted to favorite dishes. People started to request specific baskets for gifts, and to bring me chairs they wanted restored. Ideas come from many sources. Make a suggestion and I’ll do my best!

Artists' works are brought to you by the Artist on Display Program sponsored by the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District.