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Artists on Display: March/April 2023

March/April Artists on Display at the AFL:

On the Wall: Fine Art, Reena Bates


Reena Bates is an Easton, MA artist, born in Cleveland, OH, and raised in many places from coast to coast, moving nine times from ages six to sixteen. Reena was always the “new girl” and found solace in drawing as she sought to mark and depict her constantly changing environment.

Edward Hopper said, “If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” I shall try to find words to tell you how and why I paint. All creative endeavors begin with inspiration. I find inspiration everywhere. As a musician, listening to a piano concerto can make me feel empowered or fueled. As an artist, painting ideas begin to percolate in my mind when someone turns their head a certain way or light strikes an object that makes a banal piece of pottery something extraordinary. Running is another passion of mine. It brings on a meditative state. My goal is to bring my art to the highest level possible and share it with those who will look at my work and “see” my voice. 

Please be sure to check out her work on the wall.


In the Display Case: Watercolors and Pastels, Jane Ostlund


Jane Ostlund’s watercolors and pastels will be featured in the display case throughout March and April.

Having tried many art mediums, the one which caught my passion is watercolor with a secondary interest in pastels.I enjoy traveling the coast of New England searching for lighthouses. Watching kids at play also inspires me to pick up my brushes. How shadows play on buildings in the morning and evening light is fascinating. Looking at the world through a painter’s eye is a joy!

To see more of Reena’s and Jane's work and that of several local artists visit:

Easton Shovel Town Cultural District Art Co-op & Gallery

50 Main Street, Easton Building #9

 Open Saturday & Sunday 11AM-3PM