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July's Featured Artist at the AFL

On the Wall: J. Jackson Coe

J. Jackson Coe is a local photographer who focuses on wildlife and our natural surroundings. Coe is a lifelong Easton with an accomplished background in athletics. Coe's hobbies have always been in the areas of photography, gardening, and woodworking, and he has started a second career taking pictures throughout the country with his wife, Paula. Much of his photographic passion comes from his great grandfather, Frederick Dexter Jackson and great uncle, William Henry Jackson. They were photographers and drawing artists of the old west, with many of William's pictures collected in the Smithsonian and major museums in Detroit and Denver.

Coe will be presenting on Wednesday, July 24 with Robert "Buddy" Wooster at the Ames Free Library to showcase their coffee table book, A Beautiful Image of Historic Easton, a high resolution pictorial essay of the beauty of Easton, MA.


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