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February's Featured Artist at the AFL

On the Wall: Charles W. Lanphear

Ames Free Library wishes to acknowledge the generosity of Charles Lanphear, in his donation of several paintings to beautify the library. Mr. Lanphear will be displaying on the first floor brick wall for the month of February, 2019.

Charles has been drawing and painting for over 60 years. A retired Air Traffic Controller, for the past 20 years he has devoted much of his time to expanding a creative spirit and focusing on quality using many different mediums. He has received most of his formal training at Massachusetts College of Art, Massasoit Community College, as well as many area workshops. His focus for the last several years has been on mixed themes of music and other self-expressions using his art, photography, as well as other found objects. Charles’s work has been on exhibit throughout New England, both group and solo for many years.

Please be sure to check out his work on the wall and in and about the Ames Free Library.

In the Glass Case: Jewelry Artist, Claire Dalton.

Claire’s pieces, known for their elegance and style, are inspired by the beauty in nature around us. They may include Swarovski crystals and pearls and also natural gemstones. Some of her newer work uses unusual and colorful beads that are handmade in Africa cooperatives and support the local African economy. Claire is a member of the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District Art Co-op/Gallery at 50 Main Street, North Easton, which is open Saturdays and Sundays 11-3. More of Ms. Dalton’s work is displayed there for sale.

Artists’ works are brought to you by the Artist on Display Program sponsored by the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District.


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