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February Featured Artist at the AFL

On the Wall: Susanne Reitte Keith

“I became interested in the designs of Native Americans after a trip to Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado. There, I discovered their wonderful images etched and drawn on cliffs and rock surfaces. These images are called Pictographs and Petroglyphs. They are beautiful to look at and are a testimony and record to the different tribes’ daily life of hunting, battles, weather, and other noteworthy events, such as births and deaths. I’ve combined different tribes’ icons and symbols, along with designs from Native American pottery and clothing. Under each painting, I have written the names of tribes that inspired the paintings. The colors I employed were inspired by their use of natural pigments in berries, herbs and clays, found in their surrounding environments. My personal painting has always been important to me as a wonderful form of self-expression.”


In the Glass Case: Katherine Honey

“Regardless of my reason to paint, like a wonderful vacation, painting renews me. Whatever priorities, emotions, and concerns existed before I raise my brush disappear. Hours evaporate and I am refreshed and ready to focus on what needs to be done.”

“While my formal training in the arts is limited to about seven years, painting, photography, and crafts have been a mainstay in my life. In my youth, I embraced oils and dabbled in photography. Later in life, I moved from the forgiving nature of oils and acrylics to the challenge of watercolors. Inspiration for my paintings comes in many forms and often results in a series of paintings.”

Katherine is an avid supporter of the arts. She has organized photography and art exhibits and contributes her art work to fundraising efforts. Presently, she is a member of the Attleboro Arts Museum and the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District Co-op/ Gallery.

Artists’ works are brought to you by the Artist on Display Program sponsored by the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District.
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