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Celebrating our 7th year as a Foodie Group  
Who attends the Foodie Group meetings?  Those people who like to buy good food; eat in great restaurants, taverns, bistros and anywhere where great food is served; cook, bake or experiment with food in the kitchen; grow food in their gardens; support localization, sustainability and their local farmers and farmer’s markets; talk about food and most importantly enjoy eating great food!
We meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the fabulous Queset House, located on the Ames Free Library Campus at 51 Main Street, North Easton.
Through the years we have had some wonderful chefs and food experts talk about nutrition, share their great recipes and cookbooks.  We have learned knife skills, how to bake a great apple pie, how to make a wood fired oven and cook in it, and have made mozarella cheese. We have traveled the world through the experiences of many chefs and foodies including bread bakers, chocolatiers, and wine tasters.  We have learned how to make compost and organic fertilizers, as well as how to backyard garden in the ground, in raised beds and in containers.
In the next few months our tentative schedule includes sausage making, wine and cheese pairings, baking with less sugar, and enjoying the “tea” experience. We share our food traditions and experiences with each other. We have broken bread and shared the table with new friends. We hope to share these things with you.
The Ames Free Library Foodie Group invites you to join us.
To view flyers for upcoming and previous Foodie Group events please visit the Foodie Group Program Archive.
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