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Beat Jimmy: Practice

Beat James Pires, professional e-sports coach & collegiate-level competitor, who was once ranked in the top 0.2% of League of Legends players in North America, at his own game.

This February, we're playing Super Smash Bros. Practice every Wednesday in the Teen Den from 6-7pm. Then, test your skills by facing-off against Jimmy on the 4th Wednesday of the month, February 23rd, at 6pm. Ask yourself: do you have what it takes?

Can you...beat Jimmy?

Weekly practices in the Teen Den are loose and unstructured. The 4th Wednesday of every month is when stuff gets real. If Super Smash Bros. isn't your thing, don't worry! We'll be featuring a new game every month, so there will always be another chance to prove your mettle.

Event Location: 
Main Library, Teen Den