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Relax with Squeeze ET

This program has been postponed. Please continue to check our events calendar to see when a new date is scheduled, or to find other engaging programs.
Techniques to help with insomnia, stress relief, and muscle recovery.
A combination of progressive muscle relaxation techniques, isometrics, and dance. Mozart is most often used because of it's healing tones based on the Mozart Effect theory of stimulating brain activity, and other music without words. This class concept also calms the nervous system to help with relaxation, insomnia or after a workout for muscle recovery. It has been beneficial to those post stroke for just one example, by squeezing, and focusing on one muscle at a time to activate the nerve endings and atrophied muscles. 
This class is non medical, and not meant to treat & diagnose. Consult your Physician before beginning any new fitness program.
Free & open to all.
Jennifer Burgess is a post rehab personal trainer/corrective fitness specialist of 20 years. (non medical) She takes a holistic view of balance & movement, has learned from the best practitioners, and continues to learn something from everyone she comes in contact with. Jennifer's style of fitness teaching is non traditional, personalized and has taken over where physical therapy leaves off. She helps individuals continue their healing and transition back into a safe exercise program, to be able to work out on their on and into group setting. Experiences include working with clients post stroke, balance disorders, pain management, fall prevention, and teaching modified dance classes for those with disabilities and post injuries so all can enjoy the love of the art form.
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Queset House, 2nd Floor Conference Room
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