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Meditation for Everyone

Fridays in February, join experienced and trained meditation teacher, Dotty O'Donnell in practicing meditation. This series is designed to support people who are looking to understand what meditation is, and how to cultivate a daily meditation practice. Each week, you will learn fundamental techniques and ways to incorporate meditation into your life as well as a number of mini meditations that can be easily built into your busy day. 

Week 1 - Beginning a Journey: types of meditation, myths of meditation, benefits of meditation, establishing a ritual 

Week 2 - Breath Awareness Meditation: learn to calm your entire nervous system by reconnecting to your breath 

Week 3 - Mantra Meditation: find focus by silently repeating simple words or phrases 

Week 4 - Concentration Meditation: develop a single-minded attention directed at an object 

Everyone is welcome! Classes can be taken individually if needed. 

Comfort is key. Come as you are. No need to sit on the floor. If you can breathe, you can meditate.

Event Location: 
Queset House, 2nd Floor Conference Room