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The Queset House driveway is under construction. Visitors may park in the Main Library parking lot. Additional public parking is available just up the street, next to the Rockery, and behind the Children’s Museum.

Stay Unique, Stay Different, Be You!

"Stay unique, stay different" is about encouraging children of all ages to embrace their differences. Recognizing that it is okay to be who you are will be encouraged with the creating of artwork that spells out the message on wooden letters. The finished product will be displayed around Easton. Each letter will be different, but each one will be beautiful, just like the kids who create them!
Elizabeth Hadley is a lifelong resident of Easton, and a current junior at Suffolk University majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She someday hopes to have her own talk show where she will focus on the good in the world! Elizabeth is the current NAM Miss Massachusetts, and she vows to spend her year encouraging children to stay unique, different, and to follow their dreams!
Free and open to children who can paint independently and are the first 30 to register
Event Location: 
Queset House, 2nd Floor Conference Room
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