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Royal Tea Party

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The Ames Free Library hereby invites all residents of the land of Easton and beyond to a royal tea party! Attendees should wear their finest court attire. There is no need to RSVP for this event. This event will include the following:

Design Your China Pattern: 
It is important for royals to have unique china patterns, especially for tea parties! To decorate plates, we will use tessellations by tracing stencils then coloring them in. A tessellation is when you use one or more geometric shape to cover a surface with no overlaps and no gaps.
The Volume of a Teapot:
How many cups of tea can you serve from one teapot? How much liquid can each tea cup hold? There are so many details involved in serving tea! We will make a hypothesis then check our answer while we practice measuring volume by pouring water from teapots to tea cups and measuring cups.
Decorate Your Crown:
A royal can never have enough regal paraphernalia! We will provide the crown and the precious jewels, and you are invited to decorate your new diadem while learning a bit about gemology and geometry.
Disney Princess Sing-Along-Songs:
We will have a sing-along DVD playing in our presentation room. Participants are welcome to watch and sing!
Tea Tasting:
Of course there will be tea! We will brew several batches of herbal iced teas to sip on and enjoy.

Suggested for ages 3-7, but anyone who finds these activities interesting should definitely join us!
Event Location: 
Queset House