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Poems Before Phones: Alyisha Recommends Poetry

To celebrate National Poetry Month this April, the Ames Free Library is cordially inviting you to participate in #PoemsBeforePhones!

#PoemsBeforePhones is a daily practice that encourages you to begin your day with a poem rather than doom-scrolling through social media. If you’re interested in reading more poetry, or in starting your mornings with increased gentleness and intention, consider this blog post your tap from the Universe.

Resources to Learn More About Russia and Ukraine

In late 2021, Vladimir Putin began deploying masses of Russian troops around Ukraine. However, as of Thursday, February 24, 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine along multiple points after various diplomatic entities tried to avert such a crisis. This was the formal ignition of the Russian invasion on Ukraine. Following the initial assault, areas near the Ukraine capital Kyiv, the eastern area of Donbas, and the land area of Crimea on the Black Sea have all been homesteads for the Russian advance and assault.

Librarian's Lounge - February 2022

I began my last post talking about the snowstorm that was heading our way. That storm turned out to be just an appetizer for the one that dumped over two feet of snow on the area just before we turned the calendars to February. If you don’t mind venturing out in the snow and ice (and it’s safe for you to travel!), stop by the library this month to leave a love letter to the library or pick up a blind date with a book.

A Glimpse of Nature - Trees in Winter

Winter is a great time to learn how to recognize trees, now that all those leaves are out of the way!  Bark, buds, and the tree's shape offer helpful clues. Why not try your hand at tree identification by playing our "Trees in Winter" game?  This illustrated multiple choice quiz is centered on trees growing on and around the Ames Free Library.  It is fun and informative, and it’ll be good preparation for your winter walks.  There is an optional outdoor component, and small prizes will be awarded to the two players with the best scores.


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