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SAILS Catalog Update: April 17 - April 21

The library catalog is getting an update! From April 17 - April 21, some behind the scenes magic will take place to improve the functionality and display of the library’s catalog.

During the update, some catalog functions you’re used to will not be available. Check out the lists below and be sure to keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for more information from April 17 - April 21.

Saying Goodbye to the OverDrive App

If you’ve used the OverDrive app in the last few years, chances are you’ve been encouraged to make the switch to its sister app, Libby. Whether this encouragement came from a friend, family member, librarian, or a notification within the app itself, chances are you’ve heard about access to the OverDrive app ending at some point.

Well - time has come! The OverDrive app will officially be discontinued on May 1, 2023. But don’t worry! You can still access the same eBooks, audiobooks, and more on the Libby app.

A Glimpse of Nature - After Dinner

Several readers identified “What Is It! #8” as an owl pellet.  I expected this, but the discovery of a pellet gives me an excuse to delve into a fascinating topic.  

Last April I found this particular pellet under a large pine between Queset House and the garden.  It was 1 ¾ inches long by ⅞ inches wide, compact and lightweight, with a surface layer of gray fur.  Before we look inside, let’s review what pellets are and why birds produce them.  

A Glimpse of Nature - In the Bag

There was a time, not so very long ago, when gardening consumed most of my free time and creativity. This was especially true when I first moved to a tumbledown-but-promising homestead in Pembroke in 2010.  I eagerly established shrub borders, a butterfly garden, walkways, a patio, vegetable beds, container plantings, new trees, an apple orchard, a wildflower meadow . . . and looked forward to the shade and wetland gardens, when other interests and responsibilities lured me away.  Neglect has, once again, taken hold.


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