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A Glimpse of Nature -- King-sized California Cones

Last week, several readers correctly pinpointed California as the home of my giant pinecone.   “Terrific!,” I thought, “These folks traveled to the northern Sierras where they saw the same wonderful trees I did:  sugar pines.”  But, no.  At least two readers who visited southern California remembered king-sized cones.  Their emails introduced me to the Coulter pine.  That’s right.  Two different California pines create impressive cones.  Let’s compare them.

The Sugar Pine

A Glimpse of Nature -- Turtle Crossing

June is “Turtles-Crossing-the-Road” month.  Let’s celebrate by driving cautiously on roads near wetlands while being alert to female turtles heading to their upland nesting sites.  Notice which roads seem suitable before you encounter an “object” on the road.  Slow down.  If you see a turtle in the line of traffic, assist the animal to cross (in her chosen direction) only if it is safe and necessary.  Invite some friends to join you in vigilance.


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