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Babytime is Moving Inside!

Babytime is moving inside for the rest of the summer! 

Between the UV rays, heat, humidity, and air quality, storytime attendees and Miss Hannah have decided to make the switch and hold Babytime in the Children’s Room. We’ll still meet on Wednesdays at 10:30am for songs, rhymes, scarves, and stories with Koko Koala.

While Babytime is intended for infants and pre-walkers, bigger kids are welcome as well, and they’re invited to bring a doll or stuffie along to use as their own baby!

A Glimpse of Nature – This Week at the AFL: Daylilies

Daylilies are splashy, easy-to-recognize flowers.  We might take them for granted simply because they are so familiar.  This week, I encourage you to look closely at the entire plant and find a different species with similar features.  Here are a few characteristics to notice:

–leaves with parallel veins

–long, narrow leaves

–flower parts in threes (or multiples of three)


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