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A Glimpse of Nature -- What Is It! #7

Have you seen the subject of this week’s “What Is It!” game? If you recognize this organism, submit your ID to A Glimpse of Nature. Where have you seen this species? Check back next week for an ID and overview of the topic.




Soon after I announced “Picturing Winter”, the library’s ice-and-snow-themed photo contest, the weather turned mild. January’s temperatures have stayed above freezing, and there has been precious little snow this season. Indeed, I saw a man wearing shorts earlier this week! Despite some good-natured teasing, I remain confident that there will be opportunities to create appropriate photographs before the January 31 deadline. Some snow is forecast for the coming week, and ice takes many interesting forms.

Take a camera along on your outings, stay alert for opportunities, and then submit your images of ice and snow to Dust off your sense of wonder!

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