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A Glimpse of Nature - Trees in Winter

Winter is a great time to learn how to recognize trees, now that all those leaves are out of the way!  Bark, buds, and the tree's shape offer helpful clues. Why not try your hand at tree identification by playing our "Trees in Winter" game?  This illustrated multiple choice quiz is centered on trees growing on and around the Ames Free Library.  It is fun and informative, and it’ll be good preparation for your winter walks.  There is an optional outdoor component, and small prizes will be awarded to the two players with the best scores.

Simply click on “Trees in Winter” to access the Google form.  Emails and names are required to prevent spam and to verify that real people are participating.  Responses are confidential.  A key to the correct answers will be provided when you complete the game, and future posts will include guidance in this subject.  Good luck and enjoy.

*Thanks to Wikipedia for the image of a mature sycamore, which I didn’t happen to have on hand. (Courtesy of Bill McChesney from USA, CC BY 2.0)

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