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A Glimpse of Nature - A Snowy Respite

When the leaves fell off this young tree, they left large heart-shaped leaf scars with buds nestled above them.  These scars and buds offer clues to a leafless tree’s identity, as do those little speckles called lenticels.  To familiarize yourself with some of these features, try our “Trees in Winter” game.



Given the forecast of snow for this weekend, I am extending the contest deadline to Thursday, February 10 at 5:00 p.m.  This should provide ample time, daylight, and safe driving conditions for a visit to the library’s grounds, which will make the “field work” part of the game more meaningful and fun.  Thanks to those who have already submitted entries; this week, you can take those new-found observation skills wherever you walk.

Next Friday’s post will offer tips on how to distinguish buds and use them to identify local trees, including the specimen featured here.  ‘Til then, enjoy the snowy landscape.

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