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A Glimpse of Nature -- Picturing Nature

Calling all nature lovers with a camera.  It’s time to share what you see and, perhaps, to challenge yourselves to notice more.  You’re invited to participate in “Picturing Winter,” the Ames Free Library’s winter photography contest!  Photos must relate to the theme of ice and snow.


Thin Ice on Reflecting Pool, November 28, 2022, Ames Free Library

All skill levels are welcome. All camera types, too. Cell phone images are fine.

Submit your photo(s) on this theme to by 8 p.m. on January 31.  Please include your name. Staff will evaluate the images for their beauty, originality, composition, technical skill, and, especially, for their overall effectiveness in conveying a natural phenomenon. Show our readers what you saw and how you felt.

Artists will remain anonymous while staff vote for their favorites.  The winner will receive a new book about photography or winter; the first runner-up will get a Hilliard’s gift card.  We’ll feature a selection of photos in the February 3 issue of A Glimpse of Nature.

Note: While serious photographers are encouraged to join the fun, this contest is designed for anyone who sometimes takes pictures, and that includes most of you!

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