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A Glimpse of Nature - A New Twist

A Glimpse of Nature --  A New Twist

September 17, 2021

Last week I lamented the difficulty of photographing night-singing insects.  Whenever I approached, they became silent and “disappeared” into the dark foliage. . . until I walked away.  Well, not long after I completed the post on “Night Music,” the insects became more cooperative.  One tree cricket was sitting on the picnic table where I settled down for dinner.


Another jumped on my leg!


A third cricket sat next to my car’s charging port at the end of the evening.  You get the idea. It’s best to seize an opportunity when it presents itself . . .  which leads me to a request:  send me your photos of nature at, or near, the Ames Free Library.  Any organism or natural phenomenon is worthy of consideration.

A Glimpse of Nature will be more interesting and meaningful with reader participation.  As the blog evolves, I hope to include a combination of photo essays, stand-alone images with brief explanations, and reader submissions.  This mix would offer variety, a manageable project, and a better sense of community involvement.  After all, as much as I enjoy talking about my interests, my real goal is to get you outdoors, excited, and involved in our world.

Send your current photo, its date and approximate time, and a concise description to  The email will be forwarded to me.

As I am on vacation, longer posts will be suspended until October 1. Check back next week for a current image of nature at the Ames Free Library.

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