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A Glimpse of Nature - Autumn Leaves

Peak autumn color has passed, and leaves now carpet the ground.  Why not take a closer look while they are still intact, before snow and microbes work their recycling magic?  Now’s a great time to review leaf ID.  Their colors may be subdued, but most species still retain their shape.  Besides, dead leaves are abundant and right there at your feet!

This week’s “Autumn Leaves” matching game is a gentle introduction to leaf observation and identification.  To access this Google form, click here or on the image below.  This is an open book quiz.  You are encouraged to take a walk, examine leaves and trees, consult hardcover or online field guides, and discuss your answers with friends.  I hope you will find it informative and fun, though your “grade” will probably not determine the course of your future . . . but who’s to say?

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