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Have you been curious about the library’s Pokémon Club? Always wanted to come, but aren’t sure how to play? Check out the Pokémon Trading Card Game online! You can create a login and jump right in to playing, but if you need help getting started, you’ll also find a series of YouTube videos introducing you to the card decks and game play. The rules and method of play are the same whether you play in person with friends or against the automated opponents on your device, so you can try out your strategies against your device until you can hang out with your friends again! Please note that the contents of and related videos are referred to here solely for instructional purposes. Please ask your parents for permission before accessing the Pokémon website.

Once we return to the library, Pokémon Club will be back once a month, either on a Saturday, a no school day, or a half-day of school. The Club is for all Pokémon fans up to age 13. It is self-run, so there is no staff available to provide instruction, but we do provide a sample deck of cards that you can use along with a Beginner’s Playmat to help you get started. You can chat with other Pokémon Trainers, compare cards, and learn from more experienced players.

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