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Early Literacy Activities: READ

Lazy days of summer are perfect for spreading out a blanket in the shade and sharing some books with your baby. Picture books – even those written for very young children – are perfect for building your little one’s vocabulary, which in turn expands their entire world view. You might not use the word gigantic in everyday speech – but it’s in that story you just read about a dragon! Your little ones are hearing words from books that they won’t hear anyplace else at this age.

Early Literacy Activities: SING

Do you find yourself tapping your toe to the beat? Dancing in the car? Just “can’t stop the feelin’?” Well, little ones do too! Besides supporting language growth, music is great for working on large and fine motor skills, among other things. From the first time they’re rocked to a lullaby, to standing and dancing on their own, babies and toddlers are experiencing language and movement together.

Babies being rocked and sung to are hearing words, strengthening the loving and secure connection with their caregiver, and feeling the movement of his or her own body.

Program Updates: LEGO Club

It might be a while before we can host our once-a-month Lego Club again, but you can use whatever you’ve got at home to recreate some of the fun! Sometimes the fun of Legos is building whatever it is that your set makes - but once you’ve done a few of those, it can be fun to go rogue! If you’ve got sets lying around that haven't been touched since they were built, think about breaking them apart (don't lose the pieces! Try using an old pencil case to keep tabs on all the parts) and using your imagination to create something entirely new.


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