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May Featured Artist at the AFL

On the Wall: Susan Fornaro Fine Arts
Susan Fornaro tells a story of the dance between light and shadow in her representational narrative style of painting. She sees a puzzle of architecture, an angled doorway, a shaded cottage at the seashore or perhaps a lacey curtain floating in the breeze as a conversation, an interaction between light and shade to be painted and preserved. There is often a stillness to her paintings, a freeze frame moment containing the power of contrast. Her favored and comfortable medium is acrylic paint on canvas but she has made recent forays into the world of mixed media. Susan’s work is currently available at the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District Art Coop/Gallery, 50 Main St., N, Easton.
In the Glass Case: Michelle Genereux Duprey

Michelle grew up in Easton and is the Administrative Assistant at the Ames Free Library, where she has been employed for nineteen years. She has always been interested in art and as a young child she enjoyed being creative alongside her very talented mother. Michelle has an education in the arts and was eventually self-employed doing art shows. It was at one of these shows that she was discovered by a company in New York City who commissioned her paint works. Although she no longer does commissioned paintings today, Michelle has those works all along the East Coast and as far west as California. She still dabbles in paint and other media such as wood and stone as well as photography and jewelry design.

Michelle is married and they have three precocious beagles, all of whom can be seen in the stone portraits. She loves outdoor music concerts, camping, bike riding and gardening.

Artists’ works are brought to you by the Artist on Display Program sponsored by the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District.

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