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AFL Trip Talks (moderated by Lorraine)

Libraries have been an essential resource for my curiosity: as a student of literature, as an environmental educator, as a reader, and as a person seeking new skills and wisdom. Through the years, I have had opportunities to share my appreciation by working with patrons at a number of southeastern Massachusetts libraries including the Ames Free Library. This blog, which is a companion to our library’s “Trip Talk” lecture series, reflects another means of discovery: travel . . . especially travel that revives an exciting sense of wonder about the world. On this website, I hope to present the experiences and insights of our trip leaders in a way that is helpful and interesting to you, the reader.

Whitney’s Blog - I’ve been fortunate enough to work here at the Ames Free Library for almost 12 years. Time flies when you love what you do! Of my many passions, none are more thrilling to me than movies, horror movies especially. I’ve started this blog as a stepping stone to creating a database that people can refer to when they are looking for either a specific genre in horror or just a good old-fashioned scare-fest. I’m sure there are movies out there that I have not seen, and would love to hear about somebody else’s favorite horror movies.


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The Tech Think Tank  @Ames Free Library – The Technology ThinkTank meets monthly at the Ames Free Library to talk about the latest ideas, exciting projects, and shared knowledge of local professionals from across the spectrum of the community. We are also in deep discussion about the transformation of the Queset House, now a vital part of the Ames Free Library campus. From library science to rocket science, video and audio production, Makerspaces and Hackerspaces, crafting and coding, the Library is now home to a dizzying array of things to do, to make, and to be. So come with us as we take charge of the Information Age, and boldly lead the library into the 21st century.

EASTON CURIOSITY SHOP - A curiosity shop is a place of odds and ends in a wide range of categories. One never knows what one will find on any visit, and that is the goal of this blog. In the Easton Curiosity Shop, you'll find postings on doings around Easton, the world's environment, history, recipes, fly fishing, books, music, and movies with many other things thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy it and keep coming back.
RADIO EASTON - Interviews With our Neighbors
Evelina Ames - Diary of a Yankee Housewife

A blog with commentaries by Sarah Ames

The diary that Evelina kept during 1851 and 1852 offers a modest but illuminating window on daily family life in New England in the ten years before the American Civil War, which they will call “The Great Rebellion.” It was a decade that marked the end of much of what had come before. Evelina’s remote, quotidian and predictable life was changing as the railroads moved in, travel became expedited, goods became more accessible and plentiful, and religious thinking was challenged. As far as her personal circumstances are concerned, much more will change for the family in the years ahead than anyone could have imagined on that cold New Year’s day in 1851. Of course, we know this now, looking back with perspective, but Evelina didn’t. She only knew about each day as it happened – which is much of the charm of reading her record.